• Auto Accident Lawyer 13.08.2012 Comments Off on Per CDC, Motorcycle Helmet Use Helps Texas Budget by Decreasing Motorcycle Crash Injuries

    Texas bikers are an one-of-a-kind breed-independent, hardy and dedicated, and with miles of picturesque roads and open space to explore, it’s no surprise. Texas only requires bikers under 21 to wear a helmet and motorcycle accident injury rates are higher here than in many other states. It’s a controversial issue, with plenty of Texans on both sides of the equation. Last month, a study by the Center For Disease Control gave those in support of universal helmet laws some hefty new artillery: They revealed a direct correlation between helmet-use and significant state cost-savings.

    The CDC research focused on the effects of helmets in motorcycle accidents purely in terms of monetary impact. From 2008 to 2010 they investigated motorcycle crashes across the country in order to establish how much each state saves when motorcycle drivers and their passengers wear helmets.

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  • Car Accident Lawyers 07.08.2012 Comments Off on Oklahoma City Workers Compensation Lawyers Support OSHA Workers

    The U.S. Department of Labor’s Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) and other members of the Mid-Continent Exploration & Production Safety Network (MCEPS Network) recently co-sponsored a safety stand-down, to shed light on safety violations and alert workers to safety issues in general. The stand-down was conducted from June 22 to July 20, 2012.

    The focus for the stand-down was to promote safety and health practices at oil and gas exploration and production sites throughout Oklahoma. Oil field injuries can be very serious, occasionally resulting in an oil field workplace death, and injured employees or their loved ones will sometimes hire a workers compensation lawyer. Oklahoma City attorneys are very familiar with oil field work injury cases, as oil industry workman’s comp and injuries Oklahoma are common.

    For any seasoned accident lawyer, Oklahoma City is a prime candidate for encouraging company owners to do all they can to call attention to dangerous work conditions and safety violations. Job-related injuries at industrial sites such as oil fields are often similar to work place injuries that occur in construction site accidents, such as chemical burns, electrocutions and falls from up high.

    Oil field job injuries are often severe enough to require injured workers to seek a personal injury lawyer. Oklahoma City workers’ compensation lawyers can help injured Oklahoma workers file a claim after the workplace injury occurs, but this effort by the MCEPS is a way to prevent injuries at work, by examining and improving safety practices. Many Oklahoma oil field workers are not properly trained in safety and/or do not have the right safety equipment, which can lead to serious oil worker injuries and job fatalities.

    Oklahoma City Workers Comp Lawyers Support OSHA Workers Stand-Down Put Important Spotlight on Oklahoma Workplace Safety Oil field accidents due lack of safety training or use of proper safeguards are often the result of negligence on the part of an employer or sometimes a hired contractor. It is therefore vital that employees themselves do all they can to assess their work stations, work sites and equipment, to make sure that they have all the protective gear, safety training and procedures in place in order to protect themselves from harm on the job. Otherwise, they may be looking at a workmans comp claim or even having to hire a personal injury attorney to handle a work comp lawsuit.

    The MCEPS Network is a cooperative alliance made up of OSHA’s Oklahoma City Area Office and oil and gas industry representatives. Alliance members encourage employers to voluntarily stop work at job sites to conduct site inspections as well as safety and health training for employees regarding leading causes of work-related incidents and deaths in the industry.

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