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    And welcome back to “Do I Need A Lawyer?”

    Jason, thanks for being here.
    Let’s go to a question from one of our viewers regarding social security disability and I’d like to get your assistance in helping answer their question:

    Do I need a Lawyer – SS Disability Benefits

    “Hi Gary.

    As a result of an injury a few years ago, I had to undergo a surgery.


    Thanks for the question.
    Jason, let’s start with the question “Do I need a lawyer?” What do you think?

    Gary: Well let’s talk about the process. I know the social security administration has a 5 step process they follow to determine if a person is disabled and eligible for disability benefits.

    Step #1:
    Are you working?
    The social security administration wants to know if you are working. Explain that for us.

    Is your condition severe according to the Social Security Administration Guidelines?
    What does that mean?

    Gary: Step #3:

    Explain this step for us.
    Jason: Sure. The social security administration has 2 lists of conditions that it considers disability. One list is for kids, the other is for adults.

    The list is broken down into 14 categories by body system.
    These include musculoskeletal, your senses – including speech, respiratory, and cardiovascular.
    If the applicant’s condition is not listed, then the department will determine whether or not the condition is equal to one of those disabling conditions on their list.
    Gary: Step # 4:

    Gary: Step #5:

    Gary: Assume someone gets through this 5 step process. what are the chances the person will be approved for social security disability on their initial application?
    Jason: Very poor. Between 1999 and 2009, on average only 28% of social security disability claims were approved on the initial application.

    Jason: Then you start the appeals process. There are various time deadlines that apply to these appeals. If you don’t file the appeal within the deadline, you have to start the process all over again.

    Gary: Jason, thank you. Folks, if you or a family member is in the process of applying for social security disability benefits, I highly recommend you speak with an attorney as soon as possible regarding the application process.

    If you would like to speak with my law firm about your claim, we make it easy for you.

    The consultation is FREE and completely confidential.
    And I encourage you – if you don’t call us, please call someone to help you with your claim.

    So give us a call right now. (770) 934-8000.

    Social Security Attorneys

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