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    Peter W. Summerill Law – the Ogden and Salt Lake City, Utah law practice using expertise including an established history of good results – handles numerous different court cases. Our injury lawyers put expertise and also means to work for victims as well as their family members in Ogden, UT. Severe Salt Lake City, Utah auto accidents transpire regularly, from 18 wheel truck accidents, to wrongful death, to traumatic brain injuries and also dog bites. In addition to just about every car crash is unique and features complicated difficulties towards the individual and even his / her relatives. Our law firm are car accident and even truck accident legal professionals whom keep in mind that each and every client should get personalized interest along with excellent support. Our attorneys accurately precisely what is required to receive the highest level of reimbursement for any client’s losses.

    Personal Injury Attorneys Ogden and Salt Lake City, Utah

    Vehicle accidents may occur wherever, anytime in Salt Lake City, Utah. If perhaps you have been through an automobile accident on account of someone else’s neglectful as well as reckless actions, contact Peter W. Summerill Law instantly to debate your own best possibilities with an professional car accident attorney who understands the right way to secure your current rights. You could be eligible for reparation. Our lawyers know about the best reasons for automobile accidents around Salt Lake City, UT along with the most typical kinds of car accidents in which drivers encounter daily. Visit Website

    Peter Summerill Law is an Ogden, UT law practice specialized in working for seriously hurt people as well as family members who lost loved ones as a consequence of neglectfulness. Lawyer Peter W. Summerill also has over fifteen years’ experience handling car accident cases throughout Salt Lake City, UT. He’s the abilities and even resources to handle all kinds of elaborate legal matters – from car accidents, to property accidents, medical negligence and slip and fall claims.

    Get a hold of Peter Summerill Law right away to discuss your own law options by having a qualified, expert legal representative that is representative of accident and even automobile accident afflicted individuals in Ogden, UT. Our Salt Lake City and Ogden, UT building provides an area to meet victims for slip and fall, automobile accident and personal injury court cases. Read More

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    “Hi Gary. Love your show and thanks for taking my question.

    hit the rear of my dad’s car.

    But let me start off by saying the men and women that are out there driving tractor trailers are extremely important to our economy.

    Unfortunately, not ALL of them perform that way ALL of the time.
    Some people refer to Tractor Trailers as

    As large as these trucks are, even a relatively low impact collision can often lead to serious injuries or even death.

    Do I need a Lawyer – Semi-Truck Crash in Georgia

    A typical, fully loaded large commercial truck can weigh over 80,000 pounds while an average passenger automobile weighs approximately 3,000 pounds. Will you dad be able to take on the tractor trailer company, the insurance company, and their lawyers by himself – especially when he is trying to recuperate from his injuries? Claims against a trucking company can be very complex, and they have many legal issues that need to be investigated right away. If you don’t act quickly, the evidence against the truck driver or the trucking company could be lost.

    This log reflects when they start their day, all stops along the way, and certifies that they have inspected their vehicles.
    These logs can also be used as evidence that the driver was speeding between his last stop and where the wreck occurred,
    or that he suffered from driver fatigue because of the number of hours he spent on the road.

    When these trucks and the trailers they pull are properly maintained, it helps prevent brake failures and tire blowouts.

    Plus these trucking companies must use strict standards when they hire these truck drivers.
    They must continue to supervise the drivers too to make sure they are not operating their rigs in an unsafe manner.
    Now I am a big advocate of defensive driving, so let me give you some tips to try and prevent injuries on the highway and avoid these accidents altogether.

    (3) Pay attention to the trucks turn signals and don’t travel for long periods of time next to a tractor trailer.
    If you or a family member is involved in a tractor trailer wreck, the single most important piece of advice I can give you is this:
    Call a lawyer. If not us, please call a lawyer that has experience handling tractor trailer claims. It is a BAD idea to try and take on the trucking company, their insurance company, and their lawyers by yourself.

    The consultation is FREE and completely confidential.

    So give us a call right now. (770) 934-8000.
    And stay tuned for more of “Do I Need A Lawyer”. We’ll be right back.

    Truck Accident Lawyers

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