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    Personal Injury Lawyer Chicago, il

    We aggressively move personal injury cases forward. Call for a free consultation: 1-800-WIN-WIN-1 To pursue compensation, contact the Mike Slocumb Law Firm: http://www.slocumblaw.com
    Chicago : http://www.slocumblaw.com/chicago-lawyer/personal-injury-lawyer-in-chicago
    DC: http://www.slocumblaw.com/washington-dc-lawyer/personal-injury-lawyer-in-washington-dc

    Video Transcript:
    From the minute you call the Mike Slocumb Law Firm, our staff gets to work quickly on your case. Your case will be assigned to an attorney and a case manager whose sole responsibility is moving your case forward. Moving your case towards settlement. And building your case from a damages perspective so that when we present your case to the insurance company, we ensure maximum compensation for your case. You want to put the insurance company in a position to make a decision. And until your case is ready for trial there’s no decision for the insurance company to make.

    Our client calls less then a week after she’s been discharged from the hospital. She has a traumatic brain injury, with in a day or two we come to the understanding that it was a commercial vehical that had caused the accident. We immediately sent notification to the insurance company and to the defendant to not destroy their vehicle. Because we wanted to download the airbag control module.

    When you’re dealing with a case which has severe injuries often times the air bag control module can give you a reconstruction of how the accident actually happened. Let me explain. Air bag control module will tell you up to five seconds before the accident happened how fast the driver was going, whether the vehicle had the break circuit switch applied, what were the RPM’s of the vehicle, did the driver have the accelerator pressed, and all of those items (the speed, the RPM, and the break switch) are important in understanding what the drivers actions were leading up to the collision.

    None of this would have been possible if a lawsuit had not been filed. The insurance company would have likely destroyed the vehicle, it would have been sent to an impound yard and then it would have been shipped for scrap metal. We also immediately began requesting deposition dates. The reason we request deposition dates is because it moves the case closer to being ready to go to trial.

    The sooner we can get the case ready for trial, the better the client is going to be because it puts the insurance company in a position to make a decision. With in three to four months we have downloaded the airbag control module. We have initiated taking depositions, we deposed the defendants, we’ve deposed the driver, we’ve deposed the physicians that treated our client and we’re ready for trial.

    The insurance company made a decision to settle the case for the policy limits of two million dollars.

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